Non-Military Use of Challenge Coins

As you might already know, challenge coins have been used to signify one’s membership into an organization and also to recognize his/her achievements in that particular group. These special coins are typically given out to army personnel as part of a long-standing tradition that can be traced back to the First and Second World Wars. However, these coins are not just limited to military nowadays. These coins are now given out to different departments, such as the police and fire departments, and various organizations such as fraternities and clubs. Here are various examples of how custom and challenge coins are used outside of the military.

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Civilian Organizations

An example of a civilian organization which gives out coins is the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, an agency whose primary purpose is to conduct aerospace programs and research. Some of its coins have a special bonus with them – they have flown in space! Anyone who had received a coin from the organization itself is fortunate, but medallions and coins are usually available in its shop.

Another apparent organization which gives out special coins is the National Football League (NFL). Of course, you know that NFL is a major sports league and the largest American football association in US. Part of its merchandise are collectible coins which hardcore football fans can purchase. Another sports-related organization, National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, Inc. (NASCAR), gives out limited coin collection for avid fans. And just like with the other mentioned organizations, it also offers limited edition coins in its store.

Motorcycle enthusiasts are also given great opportunities to receive coins and medallions. For instance, the National Association of Buffalo Soldiers and Troopers Motorcycle Club (NABSTMC) gives out solid brass coins to its deserving members all over its 85 chapters. The coins feature a Buffalo Soldier logo at the front and a Cavalry Charge, as well as the club’s motto, at the back. The club has at least 2000 members all in all, and each member must have a noteworthy accomplishment to earn one from the National Officer.

Additionally, those who own a Harley-Davidson motorcycle are considered members and also given out special coins from the Harley Owners Group (HOG) so that they can have a sense of unity with other owners. According to HOG, members can wear the coins in their pockets to proudly show that they own a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

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Giving out challenge coins and medallions have also been gaining fame in police and fire departments. These special coins are usually awards for officers who have rendered long years of service in these departments and who have achieved commendable success in their line of work. Many fraternal organizations and other organized societies have also given out exclusive custom coins for their members.

Popular Media and Video Games

There are also times when challenge coins are distributed by those working in media. One of the most popular examples was during the production of the “Iron Man” film franchise when the crew filmed on Edwards Air Force Base. Jon Favre, Iron Man’s film director, gave out military-inspired coins as a sign of gratitude to all the crew and military personnel who cooperated in the film’s production.

Critically acclaimed television series such as “The Big Bang Theory” (TBBT) and “Breaking Bad” had also provided, at one point, special coins to crews who helped in their production. The crew of STS-135, a space shuttle mission launched on 2011, visited and joined the set of TBBT before leaving. As thanks, executive producer Bill Pray gave them custom-made coins. Meanwhile, Breaking Bad creator, Vince Gilligan, also distributed special coins designed by him to his crew each time a new season starts. These commemorative coins are also included in the show’s Blu-ray DVD set.

Dignitaries and Special Guests

Finally, past and current Presidents have also given out coins and medallions to foreign dignitaries, as well as special guests, as a sign of recognition to their visit to the country. Each President, and sometimes Vice President as well, has his own custom-made coins for various reasons – for inauguration, for the public, and for general commemoration. This tradition started out with former President Bill Clinton and still practiced up until now. Most recipients of Presidential coins are foreign VIPs and military personnel and typically given only at special occasions.

Probably because of the growth of custom coin companies, coins has become integrated to various companies and organizations. If you got motivated or inspired by this long-lasting tradition and want one for your own company, Challengcoins4less is certainly the custom coin company that would fulfill your style and needs. If you’re not convinced enough, one of its clients is NASA!

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Choosing the Right Golf Shoes that Suit You

Solid footing is important in every game of golf and the right golf shoes for your feet can easily give you the sturdy footing that you need. It should be comfortable enough and should not give you any hard time especially when the game requires you to walk four to five miles while playing each round. You also need that comfort while standing for at least four to five hours while playing the game.

The Shoe Fit

There are rare occasions, if there are any, where your feet measure exactly the same. In selecting the right shoe fit, measure your feet and choose the size that the larger foot feels comfortable in wearing.

To get a comfortable fit, you need to wear the pair of socks that you intend to wear with your shoes for playing golf. Doing so will prevent you from guessing or speculating whether your chosen shoes will still give you the same comfort if you are wearing socks.


See if you can stand on one foot while wearing your shoes, and do the same to the other foot. Try to wiggle your toes and tiptoe. Each shoe should be able to bend together with your foot.

Your golf shoes should yield a tighter fit in the center part of your feet. The tightness in the said area offers great support as you make your swing. Expect that the center portion will eventually stretch in due time.

Make sure to have a half inch allowance between the tip of your shoes and your big toe’s end.

Waterproof Shoes

Waterproof shoes are more comfortable to wear if you are playing under wet conditions, but they are more expensive. Leather uppers are considered the best if you want waterproof shoes with great support. Shoes that are made from synthetic leathers are less expensive but there is no guarantee that the said shoes will be able to give the protection against water that you need. These shoes are not as breathable as the leather ones.

Styles and Designs

The shoes for playing golf come in different styles and designs and you need to choose the one that you find most comfortable without making you feel and look awkward. Do not choose a style and design that may look fashionable but do not offer the comfort that you need.

Remember that you are there to play golf and not to turn the whole course into a big ramp where you can show off your shoes. Golf is a serious game although it may be associated with prestige and wealth.

Where to Buy your Shoes

Different stores have golf shoes to offer; even online shops have them. If you are a wise shopper, then you will take time selecting and choosing the best pair that your money can buy. Most shops have clearance or inventory sale that you can take advantage of especially if you only have a limited budget for your shoes. There are different shops that offer discounted merchandise and you need to be patient in hunting them. You may need an ample time in tracking them down, but all will be worth it in the end.

There are spineless varieties nowadays and they are gaining popularity. Different golfers have varying opinions about the new breed of shoes for playing golf. You can get the most beneficial views from each side then investigate and see if the spineless ones are meant for you or would you rather have the ones with spikes.

Remember that in choosing your golf shoes, consider the one which you think will be able to give you the winning advantage and can make you feel comfortable to truly enjoy your game.

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Different stores have golf shoes to offer; even online shops have them. choosing the best pair that your money can buy. offers best, for those who want to buy golf shoes and other golf accessories.
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The Lanyard Craze: Exploring Why the ID Lace is So Popular

For something so seemingly ordinary and low-key, the lanyard or ID lace has become rather popular these days. In an age that puts a premium on individuality and standing out from the crowd, something that encourages a wearer to don an ID badge, which is perhaps the ultimate symbol of conformity, is an anomaly.

Also, ID cards and uniforms may both have come in vogue relatively recently, with the lanyard having been around for centuries, but most folks these days usually have no use for the latter unless they’re required to comply with the former.

landyardStill, people looked for ways to distinguish themselves despite the prescribed uniforms and ID cards. Some chose to wear their hair differently, others accessorized with shoes and jewelry, and then there were some who wore ID lanyards. Despite, or perhaps because of, the fact that they were the least expensive option, ID lanyards quickly became a widespread choice for expressing one’s individuality in a highly-controlled environment. Some of the reasons why it became popular include:

• They’re easy to customize :

ID lanyards are available in different colors, prints, fabrics, and lengths. For after- school clubs, school teams, and college organizations, they can even be modified to reflect their trademark names, colors, and logos. For individuals, they can choose to purchase add- ons like mini stuffed animals and charms to imbue their lanyard with a bit more flair.

• They’re multi-purpose :

Depending on their attachments or accessories, ID lanyards can hold everything from ID cards to cell phones. Some even come with interchangeable ends for a variety of functions. There are also those that are equipped to help save lives, or to prevent further accidents from happening.

• They can be walking advertisements or calling cards :

Brand names, event names, and even personal names can be printed onto the lanyards, and thus bring attention to such. ID lanyards are also a great way to entice people to come to a party of sign up for an event since they make for inexpensive but useful giveaways.

• They are generally a one-size-fits-all accessory :

Unlike custom t-shirts that need to be the right size to fit people properly, lanyards only need to fit over the wearer’s head and hang comfortably from their necks. Some even come with adjustable clips that allow the wearer to change the length as needed.

• They can be worn in a variety of ways :

Apart from the traditional necklace, lanyards can also be worn around the wrist, or like a belt. And for those who aren’t too keen on their ID photos, the lanyards allow for ID cards to be tucked into one’s shirt pocket, effectively hiding the offending photo but still allowing the wearer to readily whip it out in case they need to show their ID or swipe it somewhere.

• They are readily available :

Everywhere from the neighborhood corner shop to the high-end shopping mall has them. And for those who don’t feel like purchasing one, there’s always the odd promotional event that gives loads of lanyards away to anyone who shows the slightest bit of interest.

• They are fairly easy to make :

Unlike knitted scarves or crocheted sweaters, only the most basic of sewing skills are needed to create a very basic lanyard. And since the lanyard’s standard structure hardly varies despite the customization options available, there are also plenty of machines that can churn out millions of them in a heartbeat. This makes them a popular option both for buyers and sellers alike.

• They’re versatile :

Depending on the situation, lanyards can be appropriate for both formal and informal events. ID Lanyards are a great way to reinforce your brand in a subtle way with customers while keeping your staff secure.

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The Real Deal About Real Estate Long Island NY

There is a lot of money to be made in real estate Long Island NY. Many people have had success stories about the world of real estate, such as the big players in Wall Street. Others, though, suffered the indignity of having their entire fortunes squandered as they tried to make it big. A prime example of this is what happened to the people who lost their money following the recent economic crises that affected pretty much the whole world.

Real estatesIf you want to find good real estate Long Island NY, you have to first know what it is. Real estate refers your property; the land and everything on it are all yours. Real estate can also refer to bought, sold, or rented land, housing, or buildings. This can also refer to the business of buying and selling land. Visit Site to get the best benefits of buying commercial and residential real estate properties.

There are two types of real estate Long Island NY: residential real estate and commercial real estate.

Residential real estate Long Island NY are those which are living quarters for people. A house, an apartment, a terraced home, and a condominium building are common examples of residential real estate. What characterizes a residential real estate Long Island NY is its closeness to other residences and residential land. Such real estate might be owned by a sole entity, or they could be separately owned by way of an agreement.

Real estateThe other type of real estate Long Island NY is commercial real estate which deals with land that is used for commercial purposes. This refers to any type of land that has a commercial establishment built on it. Common examples of commercial real estate are casinos, hospitals, banks, and stores. Real estate Long Island NY is also classified as commercial real estate if it is rented by businesses such as construction yards.

These aren’t the only uses for your real estate Long Island NY. Real estate is also used as collateral in banks for big loans known as mortgage loans. You mortgage your property to the bank in exchange for a large sum of money that you will use for whatever purpose. However, be aware that should you fail to pay regularly on your mortgage, the bank has all the right to take your land away from you. This is precisely what happened to a lot of owners of real estate Long Island NY in the aftermath of the recent string of recessions.

Barring these dangers, investing in real estate Long Island NY is still considered a good way of making your money work for you. You should only make sure that the investment you are making is a good one, and not one that will ultimately put you in the poor house.

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Ways to Pay Your Long Island Foreclosure Attorney

The main reason why homeowners do not hire a Long Island foreclosure attorney immediately after receiving a notice of foreclosure is the cost. With their finances already dwindling, which is the why they ended up being negligent with their mortgages, spending more for attorney’s fees is surely not a task that you will gladly do.

legalHowever, when you are faced with a foreclosure, hiring a lawyer may be your only choice, especially if you want to keep your home. The good news is, there are many ways to pay a Long Island foreclosure attorney and you can easily choose one that will work best with your current finances and with the status of your foreclosure situation.

To explain it further, here are the ways you can pay the fees of your Long Island foreclosure attorney.


There is one thing that you need to understand. A foreclosure proceeding can take from one to three years nowadays, especially if you plan to defend it well, sue your lender, or delay the foreclosure. If you choose a lawyer that charges an hourly fee, you will end up paying as much as $15000 or more for the entire proceeding and that does not even guarantee that you will win your case and keep your home. Hence, it is highly advised that you avoid attorneys that charge hourly, except for some situations.

For example, if you have already spoken with your lender and if you see that your lender is willing to restructure your loan, then you can hire the foreclosure attorney to close that deal on your behalf. That small task will not take too long to finish so paying hourly may save you some money, provided that your attorney does not charge an initial retainer fee.


Monthly payments are easier on the pocket and it gives you a concrete idea of how much you must set aside each month for your attorney’s services. This means that there will be no surprise fees and you make a decision based on the monthly rate if you can keep the services of your lawyer even if your case drags on to two or three years. Another benefit of this mode of payment is that it allows you to replace your Long Island foreclosure attorney if he or she does not meet your expectations or if you see that your interests are not properly defended and protected.

Fixed Rate

There are also firms that charge a fixed rate. How much it should cost may depend on some factors though, such as the nature of your case, the actions that you plan to take regarding your case, and how long your case would take to finish as your lawyer foresees it. He may ask for a flat rate of $5000 for two years of service and charge you more for services rendered beyond that. The good thing with this mode, though, is that once you have paid up the fixed rate, you will be free of any financial obligation to your lawyer.

Hence, even if he has to attend several hearings every month and no matter how many documents he has to file and submit, you do not have to worry about paying more than what was agreed upon. When hiring a lawyer that charges a flat rate, remember to ask him to write down all the services that are included in that rate in a contract so that you will know exactly what to demand from him.

Again, what you choose will depend on the nature of your case and, of course, on your finances. Rates of foreclosure lawyers vary in every state and in the level of their expertise. There is no way you can avoid spending for attorney’s fees, but if it gives you a chance to keep your home, then the investment may well be worth it.

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